Native American, Hand Made Beaded Hat Bands that Tell a Story with Color and Design

All of my Hand Made Beaded Hat Bands are made by me.

If you have a hat band with one of my exclusive patterns and you
do not have a story card included with that hat band it may be a counterfeit.
There are a lot of knock off hat bands on the market but only hat bands
made by me have my energy and medicine traveling around them.
A little heads up for you. If you are considering a new hat band,
please read this whole notification. Before you purchase, have the hat
crown measurement (where your hat band will live) ready.
You`ll need this measurement, in inches, to include with your order.
Contact me at
or text me at (520) 548-6588
I will process your payment using any major credit card or PayPal.
You can also visit my Etsy store and purchase there. It has the
same hat bands at the same price and the the monthly special is the
same as here. Once order is placed I can give you an approximate start date.
During the construction phase you will receive updates as the band progresses.
Colors can be adjusted to suit your tastes as long as they keep the hat
band true to its intended symbolism. Patterns are not negotiable.
I make Thunderbird, Turtle, Spirit bird, Medicine bird, Spider mother,
Two headed birds and turtle. My Spider mother, Turtle and Medicine bird
can not be made on a band smaller than 23 inches. Your particular hat band
will take approximately 7-10 days to complete unless health and/or weather
slows me down a bit. So feel free to contact me with
any questions or to place an order. I will not do deadlines.

All of my hat band are hand made by me, in my shop in Tucson, AZ.
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