I would like to share my birthday month of October, along with my 5 year anniversary on Etsy with all of you. So, from October 1st. through October 31 use the coupon code “CELEBRATE” at check out, you will receive 10% discount on your purchase. Thank you……Johnny


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Hat Bands $135.00
Custom orders start at $250.00

If you find a hat band you absolutely love and it`s not the right length. Contact me and I can make one just for your hat. Contact me here

The hat bands listed below are Made to Order and after purchase will ship in 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the current number of back orders. If you see something you like just click on it for details. These also include free Domestic Shipping. 

*** READ THIS ***

If you wish to purchase a Made To Order hat band, please measure the circumference of the crown of the hat (where the crown attaches to the brim) you wish to place it on. Include that measurement with your order. If you fail to do this, the default length of 23 1/2 inches is the length you will receive. 

*All NEW*
Thunder bird and ascending Blackbird with two heads,
Looking into the past to see the future

Two headed thunder bird, spirit bird and ascending blackbird

Spirit birds

Spider mothers

Medicine birds

Medicine turtles

Thunder birds

Fire birds

Dancing blackbirds

All of my hat band are hand made by me, in my shop located in Tucson, AZ.

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