new tribe (getting started)

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get into the swing of a new tribe. I have 6 new members out back that just started their journey. First though, they need to get dry behind the ears, if they had any. So far oval and round are the shapes I`ve chosen to start with, don`t even know if I`ll make any others since I`m in a round and oval mood. Round has always been a comfort shape for me, although, oval opens up more options. I need to make another 10 so I`ll be sure and end up with 12 that are amiable and pleasant to work with, that`s also a safe number to cover any that don`t complete the course, there`s always a few drop outs. Here`s a sneak peak at the first 6.

tribe members drying
drying in the late afternoon

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