Something I just thought of

I just remembered that I haven`t been here in a while. I think maybe I ran out of words or got involved with my raku, fetish medicine or just spirit masks. I have some finished now and have some time again. I thought that you might want to see a few of them. Lots of feathers of many kinds, beads (medicine wheels and medallions). They still just hang on the wall and keep you good company. I will tell you the story as we go along through the winter, if it ever gets here, plus give some details of what everything means. If you want to read about them go to


All feathers are legal. Raptor feathers are hand painted by me and others are collected or found.

This mask contains replica Eagle, Red Tail hawk and real Turkey, dove, Guinea hen and hackles. It is further enhanced with turquoise and other stones. If you like it let me know. If you want to know more about the purpose just ask.

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