Midnight came and went

I have a little story today. The other morning we found old Midnight the guardian of the shop in one of his favorite resting spots. His spirit had gone to be with his ancestors. Midnight was as his name infers black. He never warmed up to 2 legged ones and was not very popular with those that had 4. He just showed up one day and decided it was safer here than out there on the other side of the fence. One funny thing about him was that he never learned to say me. All he ever said was ow! Sometimes a why or a hey but never me. He would chase doves but he was slow and always missed. I think they would tease him a lot. The whole point of this little story is that I know his spirit went home. I buried him, place rocks in the 4 directions and made a fire of sage smoke over him. Then from the south, the direction of adulthood and our accomplishment (red on the wheel) came a red tail Hawk. The Hawk, a young female, flew 18 inches off the ground and 3 feet from me and Midnight heading to the north. The place of new life and rebirth (white on the wheel). That Hawk was carrying a recently deceased dove in its talons. I think maybe she had seen old Midnight chase the doves and used it to lure his spirit into following her. As she climbed over the trees she turned to the west. Black on the wheel and where our ancestors wait for us. I sure hope Midnight was finally quick enough to catch that dove, and a ride to his ancestors. I am happy for him! 🙂

Ahoo Midnight

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