Midnight is gone and back

Strange illusion we are in. In the last post I explained how Midnight has gone to be with his ancestors. A funny thing must have happened during his trip out of the illusion and home. My lovely wife, Crazy Cat Woman was in the kitchen when she shouted for me to come in there. It takes me a while to get up from my chair anymore so she always shouts “hurry”. For some reason this “hurry” sounded a bit more urgent than usual, so I hurried. Out by Huey`s dinner plate, but in this case breakfast, was a black cat. Spooked her a bit maybe, because it did me. The cat hid under the big table and then took off. It has been here on and off for a week now and is cleaning up food I place out in the shop. This one has a little white fleck on its chest and is all black as far as we can see. One distinguishing feature though is that it can say me and ow together. Our ancestors must have felt bad about having Midnight come home to be with them and sent us “Snow Flake”. I guess I can take down the “shop cat needed” sign now, for a while anyway.

Snow Flake
Snow Flake dropped in after Midnight left. Welcome Snow Flake 🙂

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