Thinking is for the birds

It is raining again here in the southwest and I always find that a gray day is good for thinking. I noticed while looking out the window that there are not many birds flying today. I enjoy all birds, from the little hummingbird that carries messages and travels in time, to the birds that bring us songs from their world also the great birds that clean the earth and help us be one with our ancestors. Especially the eagle that carries words and spirits to our creator. Did you know the tip of the eagles feathers are black because it flew too close to the sun. Long story! When the spirit leaves the bird to go be with its ancestors, it leaves behind its beauty so we can honor that bird in dance and song. This is some really good dancin!

coup stick of feathers
Indian flag with eagle, hawk, turkey, chicken, dove pheasant and macaw feathers. Saguaro rib wrapped in suede.

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