The storm has missed but there are still many clouds over us. The chance of rain has me doing more sitting and thinking than attempting any outside activity. I like sitting and thinking anyway. Besides, the humidity is up out of our usual single digits and it is just plain uncomfortable.

I was out in the shop earlier working on a new beaded wheel for another spirit traveler or maybe to put with a feather. With this wheel I am trying to show how we start out in balance and harmony, drift outward away form our selves, fall out of balance and then return to it in the end. As I was beading, I was thinking about how as a young boy I learned that everything related to the circle. Day and night, the seasons, even life itself is a circle from start to finish to start. The drum is a circle, we sit in a circle to give the drum life. The drum then becomes the heart beat of the village. We dance in a circle around the drum. The circle holds the family, clan and tribe together as well as protects us. I will show this wheel to you when it is done. Maybe you can feel the imbalance come as it goes to the end and the balance again and the edge comes to hold it all together. In the mean time, here is one of the best hoop dancers you will see. Circles are becoming a theme today

The colors of my wheel are yellow in the center for the sun, light blue for the sky, dark blue for the water, brown for the earth that provides for us, turquoise for the morning and evening of our light. It is all held together by the outer band of turquoise. I feel better knowing it is with me all the time.

belt buckle with a medicine wheel
Medicine wheel belt buckle.

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