Almost 6 months

How are you all doing? Maybe I should have all of you tell me what you have been doing since new years. Since I live in a time vacuum and you all have a 4 second attention span (according to someones statistics), I have already written too much. In same study they claim the Goldfeesh has a 9 second attention span. So get yourself a Goldfeesh, put it in a bowl and stare at it as long as it stares back at you. Easy way to increase your attention span. Simple solution, or as I have heard said, elegant!

Since our last meeting, I have been raku firing, dreaming and selling what I have made. Also since last meeting it has gone from snow to 100 degrees as of yesterday. The animals are doing fine so all is well. I would add a few pictures at this point but I have not been doing that either. We did have another Hummingbird nest that hatched out 2 little birds. Took some pictures of them but they are on phone and I am currently on the computer so that does not work out too good.

Here is something you may enjoy. These Eagle whistle dances were not to be recorded in the past, but I guess things have changed.

Do not forget to thank our ancestors for what we have and visit

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