Everything tells a story

My newest endeavor is a jump back in time. Many years ago I did some bead weaving on a little loom. Mostly just odd patterns and colors. There are tons of bead weavers out there so another one will make little difference. I remember though, that growing up there were stories related to almost everything. From why the clouds are there to why the sun shines, why the prairie dog lives next to the prairie chiggin, why birds and butterflies actually fly, it`s endless. I decided to make a hat band for my hat and then one thing lead to another and now each piece has special meaning.

This hat band has a blackbird on the front, wings spread on a sky blue background. The reds and yellows that encase him are for strength and the power of the sun. With these elements the blackbird can rise and travel to the limits of the blue sky. The arrow patterns feed his energy and the little flower patterns hold and maintain his medicine in a field of turquoise. The back arrow leads to a new beginning and rebirth after his days of flight and his circle is complete.

blackbird hat band
arrows with the colors of sun, moon, earth and water
hat band blackbird
blackbird hat band with bead closure
hat band blackbird
22 inches long and 1 inch wide.

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