Whistles while you work

Aho to all my friends out there. The other day while I was sanding my little clay ornaments for an order and listening to the birds. I often listen to the birds talk to each other and try to understand. As I was saying, while sanding and making plumes of dust I heard this one bird with a high pitched little song. It made me think of the Eagle whistles I heard years ago at tribal gatherings. Although that bird was probably no larger than the palm of my hand, it`s good to remember that bird was eternally related to the Eagle as we are related like the colors on our medicine wheel.

Eagle whistles are blown by whistle carriers and play an important role in healing and carrying prayers to our ancestors. At pow wow time they were used to compliment the singers and drive them to sing higher and with more intensity. We, being people of the prairie used turtle whistles made from sun baked clay formed inside a turtle shell. While serving the same purpose, they proved to be much more fragile. The little turtle shell also makes a good rattle and the turtle provides us with nutrition. We need to be very thankful to the turtle and honor them. Their ancestor formed turtle island and gave us a home.

You may have seen and heard this here before, but if you have a spare 20 minutes you may wish to enjoy it again.


To carry on after side track. I felt this birds little spirit travel on the breeze and settle next to me. I dropped everything, turned on my pow wow music and started beading. The result was a spirit bird with stars. The black bird spirit is on a sky background with the colors of the sun and its strength surrounding the whole image. The stars are on a black space of the restful end to our journey and is linked like a chain to the birds spirit. On the very end we see the blue sky reenter and the eventual return of the spirit.

blackbird spirit
Everything is linked together
bird spirit with stars
bird spirit and stars
clay ornaments
sanded ornaments waiting for glaze and finishing

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