End of a moon. Circle goes on.

Aho my friends. The moon is about to go away and come back again. Everything, it appears, has a beginning an end and a beginning again. We had a short wet winter and have had a long dry spring. Maybe we can have a short cool summer and a long warm autumn. As you know, I tend to sit and think a lot. The older I get the more thinking I do along with the sitting part. To keep my mind going and on a straight path I think a lot while I bead. In my bead work the circle theme comes around over and over, plus the idea that everything is linked. Nothing stands alone. I think often of how are ancestors are going to react once we are sitting with them and they ask how it is we lost turtle island, and let it get into such a broken state of confusion. On a brighter note though. We have survived and await their return.

On that happy note, let`s welcome in the new moon with a happy song. If you are not smiling after hearing and seeing this, please let me know how you have arrived at such a place in your heart.


If you know Jim Pepper, this is a good remix.

resting birds hat band
replacement for band just sold. Resting birds on their journey.
resting birds hat band
Birds, turtle/water, rain, sun and his little brother the moon.

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