Aho my friends. It`s been two weeks ago now we had an art sale at the Tucson Museum of art. I had my bead work there and my wife had her pottery. Her pottery sells pretty well and I usually sell some bracelets and a hat band or two. Anyway, we were next to a woman named Barbara Mulleneaux, barbaramulleneaux.com if you wish to learn more, that did oil paintings and her daughter did water colors. I was sitting in my normal state of watching the world go by when asked to pose for a small painting. I believe it turned out very nice for a few hours of work on her part and none on mine. For her nice work I traded her a butterfly bracelet.

Music for a quiet and peaceful day


Don`t be confused, that is not a watch on my left wrist. Time only effects those that live within its boundaries and constraints. It is a rainwater/turtle island bracelet that I wear with my medicine band. This bracelet is for our current state of turtle island. The rain is falling through a sad sky making rough water. Turtle island is on both sides being split by the clouds and rain. While turtle island is still green, his feet are slowly changing color becoming dark and sullen.

bracelet with rain water and turtle island
Rainwater and turtle island beaded bracelet
oil portraiture
Little portrait of me done in oil paint

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