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Greetings my friends and aho. In my last post featuring a Turtle hat band, mention was made about putting a spider mother on a hat band carrying her medicine. Back in July 2017 she was placed on a band and sold right away. As you all know, time slips away here in the illusion and your humble beader of hat bands is not the best at noticing its passing. (Place a series of laughing emoji here.) That was over 7 months ago and finally our spider mother has once again found
her way to another band.
In my culture the spider woman, or mother as I was raised to refer to her, is regarded very highly in almost a god like manner. My grandmother told a story where the spider mother had untold numbers of babies once and they ate her in sacrifice, absorbed her medicine and then wove the webs that held the illusion together. If you were to step on or other wise release the spider spirit it turned into a trickster and would prank you the rest of your time here. We also believed her message was one of sacrifice for your clan and protector in dreamland.
Now my promise from the last post has been fulfilled. Its okay for me to show you my spider mother on your hat. Thank you for your kindness. Blackbird
This hat band is 3/4″ wide and 21 1/2″ long
The colors are strong like the mother and full of energy. Her medicine spreads around the band and is repeated at the back. The links are to remind us that everything is tied together in our great circle. The star places us on the red road along with the Spider mother.

Spider mother hat band
Star on the side with red road, links and medicine
Spider mother hat band
On a white hat. Notice the orange and turquoise beads lining the red road. They represent a happy fulfilled journey with sun above and earth below.

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  1. Great post, Blackbird! The stories behind each Hatband are beautiful and thought-provoking. The beadwork, exquisite!

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