Thunderbird and medicine

Hello again my friends and aho! I have finished another story hat band. This one is part of what`s becoming a new look or rather an old look revisited. Like all my hat bands it tells a story of strength, journey and following our path no matter what the illusion places in the way. This time it is a light colored thunder bird on the front, on a brick red background. Being light in color this one is full of good medicine. Strong yellow and red medicine from the sun and the white nurturing medicine from the moon. To see this hat band and others please go to This hat band features a split red road. The road is separated with the river of life, then surrounded by the river and then separated again as we travel it on our journey of discovery. The sun and moon are above and below our path and rotate to make sure we have balanced medicine.
The thunder bird is strong and balance with Sun and moon energy along with bright stars sending their medicine across time. The links tie us all together as we travel our path back to the stars. Thank you. Johnny Blackbird

new birdA

new birdE

3 thoughts on “Thunderbird and medicine”

  1. Reblogged this on Searching for Grady and commented:
    Thought I would take this opportunity to reblog a friend’s post. He makes the most beautiful hat bands.. each with its own unique story. I am fortunate enough to own two of his hat bands. His bead work is exquisite with strong color and design. Take a peek inside his Blog.. it is well worth the visit!

  2. Your story hat bands are very powerful in design and color. Anyone who purchases one of your bands should wear them with pride as they represent strength, courage and tenacity. You really do create magnificent pieces with wonderful stories woven into the bands.

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