Thunderbird in shadow

Hello my friends and aho. Another hat band completed and ready to share its medicine. This hat band combines the thunder bird with its power and strength, with the red road and the spirit journey we are all on.
First, the story begins with the star or center of our universe. On the right side the star gives us sun and on the left moon. The life force and energy travels on the red path and spirit is formed from the energy. The feathers represent the channeling of the energy until that spirit energy finds a home and takes on form. The red road begins surrounded by the blue river of life and mystery. As the red path grows longer the road surrounds the river, learning and growing wise. There is sun above and moon below as the path is traveled, as it is in life. Once the path surpasses the river it grows rich and turns dark, full of its knowledge and rich with experience. Now it is linked with the world of the unseen and joins the thunder bird for its journey into the mystery. Taken by the thunder bird in sun if it`s a happy spirit and shadow if it is a sad spirit. The light spirit delivers spirit to our ancestors to tell its story. The dark thunder bird delivers spirit back to the star and is left there to start the journey again. The back of the band receives the same star light and energy and turns it into medicine thus completing your circle when on your hat.

This is a powerful band and opens another chapter in my journey with hat bands. The thunder bird represents the coming together of twin or split spirit that has been on separate paths, coming together and making a perfectly balanced spirit.
All my hat bands are shipped with a bead keeping them in a circle so that the medicine is not lost. As you wear the band your medicine will soon flow through the band and share its story and strength. Thank you….Johnny Blackbird

The turquoise represents a good rewarding journey, the dark red is the color of peace and contentment, the feathers are strong and pure the stars are in the black of the unknown and mystery. Near the back the moon is above and the sun below representing night over day, the time energy or spirit travels free. You can see all my hat bands here

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  1. This hat band is stunning! I love that each hat band has its own unique story. The story for this hat band is particularly fascinating!

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