Not just thunder

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and your path is treating you with kindness. This newest hat band concentrates on the mystery, star energy and our great thunder bird. On each side of the hat band is the mystery. Represented with a black background and a bright, powerful energy star in the center. Strong energy radiates in the form of fire arrows. The bright feathers that guide the energy, one to the thunder bird and the other to our medicine. The energy is funneled to the shaft that represents our red road. The arrow shafts are bordered with sun on the top and moon below on one road with it being reversed, like day becomes night, on the other arrow. This story is all about balance. When the back is closed a medicine wheel is formed. Spirit travels down the road and away from the illusion, past the energy gate to the waiting thunder bird. The thunder bird on the front is done in turquoise for a happy and safe journey as he delivers spirits back to the Mystery where they start their journey again or travel on to the stars. Enjoy the story, bead work and the balance this hat band holds.




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