medicine turtle, beaded hat band with sun and moon

Wandering turtle

Good afternoon and aho my friends. Wandering turtle you may ask. Yes, I am turtle clan and I do tend to wander so this may be a commentary on yours truly.
Actually this commentary is about my most recent beaded hat band. When I was a boy I noticed that there were several different turtle drawings used by my people and others. We had a single headed turtle with tribal patterns and colors on its shell. Another had water markings and foliage like you would imagine turtle island to be. Then there was a two headed turtle. My grandfather told us that the turtle never got anywhere and would just wander not knowing where it was going. We believe that to see the future and know what direction to follow you must look behind you. This turtle looks back and only sees itself. I chose to make this one a medicine turtle, because its trying to get to the stars with its medicine on its back but is eternally trapped within a circle, locked to the earth. This one never leaves and is continually reborn because it can not see the lessons from the past. The turtle lives at the completion of the red road represented by the brick red background.
This beaded hat band has sun medicine, moon medicine with our red road cutting through the illusion that has air above and water below. The fire arrows carry the energy around the band providing the turtle medicine that is carried on the turtles back. The turtle wanders a happy and rewarding path due to the turquoise legs, head and dangerously long neck. The links tie the elements together and make it one, just our time in the illusion. To see all my hat bands please click here.

This beaded hat band is made with no. 11 seed beads and is 23 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide. This beaded hat band costs $70.00 + $5.95 shipping.

medicine turtle, beaded hat band with sun and moon
medicine turtle beaded hat band, sun and moon medicinebeaded hat band, medicine turtle, sun, moon

Sun, moon and medicine turtle beaded hat band

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  1. Another great hat band! Your designs are fabulous and I love that each hat band comes with its own unique story!

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