dancing bird on a beaded hat band

Dancing blackbird

Aho and good morning my friends. A memory and a vision danced through me the other week so I was inspired, along with a nudge from Grady to make this latest beaded hat band. It is 23 1/2 inches long so it fits a rather large hat and an inch wide. The blackbird on the front represents a ceremonial dancer. My people had a dancer that was well studied in large birds, put on a bird (usually Eagle) head dress and wore a set of large, strapped on wings covered feathers. The dancer then danced to an honor song or sometimes a whistle song as the motions of the bird in flight, soaring or hunting are replicated. This particular dancer has his wings in the down stroke of a flying bird. The arrows are fire energy feeding the dancer, the blocks of the illusion are white with sun and water along with our red road balanced in the center. The mystery and its energy star are pumping strong energy and medicine into the dancers spirit. It travels to the fire tip and on the the dancer, dancing on the turquoise background honoring the great birds. As you close the band around your hat, of course closing the sacred circle, medicine will appear bordering the turquoise suede end caps. The links tie everything on this band together just as it is in our life here.
As always, I am honored that you take the time to look at my work. Thank you.
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This beaded hat band is made with no. 11 seed beads and is 23 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide. This beaded hat band costs $70.00 + $5.95 shipping.

dancing bird on a beaded hat band

dancing bird on a beaded hat band

dancing bird and stars on a beaded hat band

5 thoughts on “Dancing blackbird”

  1. I took a friend of mine who was out visiting from England to a Pow Wow last October. It was my first Pow Wow and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A wonderful experience. Your hat bands have such interesting stories with each symbol having special meaning. I would love to learn more about the spirit animals you use on your hat bands. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have always enjoyed the colors of pow wow and ceremonial dancing. I enjoyed and hold sacred the drum and songs. My blackbird dances in honor of that has been, all that will be and all that is. The dancingBlackbird is a celebration of peace, kindness and love.

  3. So pleased to see that you have introduced Dancing Blackbird into your Story Hat Bands. I love that you have begun with portraying the blackbird as a Ceremonial dancer, dancing to an honor song. Lots of great color and energy in this hat band! I look forward to seeing a lot more of Dancing Blackbird in your designs.

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