Starting in the Middle

beaded hat band, thunder bird, stars, medicine

Aho fellow travelers and friends. The hat bands that I weave tell a story of spirit and journey. The journey and story start right in the middle on both sides. Our unknown or great Mystery is represented by the black area between the tail of two fire arrows. Black always represents the unknown. Within all the emptiness lives a bright star that sends its medicine or energy out into the universe. I use yellow for the sun and white for the moon. Our sun is the giver of life and the moon gives us tides and is our original keeper of the night. This medicine is so strong it touches everything you can imagine and things that will never be known. Contained within this medicine is spirit searching the universe and touching stars to make them shine. This is where the spirit journey begins and will return over and over again. So, on my hat bands the beginning is usually in the middle.
The exception is this band below which represents perfection and the perfect balance of a split spirit. Split spirit is the story of spirit splitting apart as it begins its journey and coming back together in the end, so it can return to the mystery as one once again. The twin thunder birds are on a dark red background attached to the fire arrow heads and free of the illusion (white) to fly to the stars. Medicine flows through them from both arrows making them strong and balanced.
thunder birds and star on a beaded hat band


6 thoughts on “Starting in the Middle”

  1. And that is it exactly… the journey and how we choose to travel our path. I think it is great that you portray the journey in your hat bands. Each one of us has a different experience… some travel a hard path while others have an easier journey. Anyone wearing one of your hat bands can choose the story that suits their life journey best. That is so cool!

  2. Aho Grady. The spirit animal while the focus of the hat band, my newer ones are all about the journey. The path we travel, the energy and how we all need good medicine in order to leave the illusion and touch the stars with balance, dignity and humility.

  3. Now that is what I find interesting. I have two of your hat bands and I always just assumed that the journey began with the Spirit animal in the front rather than with the Star and Mystery which is placed in the middle. I look forward to more blogs where you can elaborate more on the colors, symbols and their meaning. Like the colors in the medicine blocks for instance.

  4. Thank you my friend. I am glad you like my post and my story hat bands. The symbolism arises from the child hood stories told by elders. They are little snippets and need to be told and remembered. The patterns and colors help interpret our clan and culture…………………..Your friend Johnny

  5. I love this post! Your Hat Bands come with unique stories but it is good to learn more about what the symbols, colors and designs actually mean. It puts a whole new perspective on your Story Bands. Thanks for a super interesting post!

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