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Leaving the nest

Aho my friends. I have been posting about my beaded hat bands but here is what happens to them after purchase.  To ensure the best possible chance that the hat band will have a safe and happy journey to its new home and hat, I send each band with traveling companions for a smooth transition. Along with each hat band is a feather or several bundled together, a card showing my gratitude and some white or purple sage so the band remembers where it came from and never forgets its purpose. Once the band is finished and the circle closed it should never be opened and set out flat or its medicine will fall off the loose ends. Here are a couple of pictures of the process. The hat bands are not just pretty hat bands woven on a loom. My belief is that every hat band carries some of my medicine and a small piece of spirit with it. Color and design are built on a foundation lovingly provided by my ancestors but the essence of each band and story travels through me as it is woven. Thank you…..Johnny

beaded hat band, feathers, cards, sage ready to ship

5 thoughts on “Leaving the nest”

  1. How nice to know that each hat band you create and send off to a new owner has traveling companions, in the form of feathers and sage, to ensure a safe journey!

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