beaded hat band, fire bird, galaxy, arrows

Little Brother of Thunder

Aho and how are you all? Another bird has stopped by and found a home on a hat band. When I was a boy, every time there was a question my grandfather or grandmother had the answer. Here is my grandfather’s answer to the question “Why, on certain days, does the sky come and go with such fire?” The story from our grandfather, or any elder in our clan, was that the sky is set on fire by the Fire bird, little brother of the Thunder bird. The Fire bird watches over the night. When he leaves his roost at dusk, high in the clouds the sky is set aflame by the flapping of his great wings. The Fire bird flies all night protecting the people of turtle island, showing spirits the way home and the fire in the sky tells us he is always there. When Fire bird returns to his roost in the morning that same fire glides in with him. The big brother Thunder bird then takes to the sky by day to protect those that care for the earth and honor all spirits. The story was part of our daily understanding and can be witnessed during any given dusk or dawn. The intensity depends on how fast the great bird flies.

For more about the hat band, just click on the photo and read the story this particular hat band shares. Thank you my friends………Johnny

beaded hat band, fire bird, galaxy, fire arrows
beaded hat band, fire bird, galaxiesbeaded hat band, galaxies, fire bird

6 thoughts on “Little Brother of Thunder”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my hat bands. They are beautiful in person and out in the sun.

  2. Yet another beautiful hat band with a very unique story! Just the other evening while out walking I saw the most amazing sunset and yes, it was like the sky was alight with fire. Your hat band depicts the Fire bird, Sunrise and Sunset beautifully!

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