beaded hat band, turtle, stars, fire arrows

Turtle Medicine

Aho my friends and how are you all doing? A while back I posted my previous turtle hat band which has since been sent off to live on a new hat. I have now just finished another one. This most recent turtle has direction unlike the other turtle who had two heads and was sent here to search for direction. This is a young turtle that is walking the yellow path on the red road. This one is on a path of discovery with all the optimism and happy eyes of youth. We wish our turtle well on his path through the turquoise illusion powered on by the sun, moon, fire arrows and the energy stars of the Mystery. The links represent our connection with everything. Thank you all for sharing this turtle with me…Johnny

beaded hat band with medicine turtle, stars, fire arrows

beaded hat band, turtle medicine, stars and arrowsbeaded hat band, turtle, stars, fire arrows

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