medicine turtle, hat band, stars, arrows

Path of the medicine turtles

Aho my friends and welcome. I hope you are all well and traveling a smooth path here in the illusion. A previous post I made was about a young turtle following its
red road to the east. Remember, the east is toward the rising sun and new discovery. It is a happy time of learning and trying to find out who we are.
My latest hat band is an old turtle that is heading toward the west, the setting sun and a reward for following his path of honor, dignity and compassion. It is a place of temporary rest in the Mystery before turning to rebirth and a new beginning in the white. The turtle depicted here is in total balance. The head and tail are the same length, unlike the young turtle that has its neck stretched out eager to learn and find the way. See if you can feel the difference between the hat bands in color scheme and then relate it to our time here in the illusion. Click on the hat bands for more information. Thank you for visiting again my friends……….Johnny

beaded hat band, medicine turtle, stars, arrows

beaded hat band with medicine turtle, stars, fire arrows

4 thoughts on “Path of the medicine turtles”

  1. Hi there, Thanks for following me. I am in awe of your beaded work. It’s so beautiful! I also love how I falls in line with folklore too. Long may you create! 🙂

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