Blackbird and Colors

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well. The spirit bird on this hat band has left his medicine behind and has now left the illusion to travel the stars. It carries with it and on to the ancestors the story of its life in colors. Once we get to the end and discard these bodies what will our colors be as we travel to our ancestors? The blackbird featured on this hat band carries the Black color of its clan. The virtues it takes along on its wings are Blue for loyalty and the serenity of calm water. Red for the courage and bravery to stay on the red path and not be pulled away by the illusion and its tricksters. Orange for strength and the internal flame that will live on in the stars. Its bright Yellow beak speaks to its honor, respect for all spirits. The open wings are those of truth, humility and wisdom. This bird has behind it a life well led and is open to whatever comes next on its endless journey. The star it returns to is the star that gave it life through the fire arrows, down the river of life and to the flaming arrow head that powers spirits journey……..Thank you for visiting.

beaded hat band, medicine bird, stars HB045WF

5 thoughts on “Blackbird and Colors”

  1. I absolutely loved your description of Blackbird and colours. “This bird has behind it a life well led and is open to whatever comes next on its endless journey.” I hope I can say that at the end of my journey.

  2. What an absolutely stunning Hat Band, Johnny Blackbird! All the colors compliment each other beautifully! The spirit Blackbird with colors on its wings is just too beautiful!

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