A Smoky Illusion

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and your path has been smooth and fulfilling since our last encounter.
As the title indicates the illusion has become smoky on the most recent hat band. It is not the first time I have used the amethyst transparent beads. First was on the spider mother or medicine spider as my sister calls it and it was so fitting that now a medicine bird has traveled through it as well. My current hat band that is still on the loom, will have an amethyst mystery with a fire bird coming out on each side and a thunder bird on the front.

I believe the illusion we travel is getting smokier as the arrows of time stretch longer and longer. On the hat band pictured here, the medicine bird on the front is standing on sky blue at the end of its journey. It is a story of gratitude, honor and balance. In a sense it is also one of victory over the forces of the illusion. The red road as it cuts through the river of life, is hard to stay on it as we are tempted when taking each step. The medicine bird depicted here understands now and his next journey will be to the stars. The medicine bird has not taken more than it needs and has returned it all at journeys end.
Thank you for visiting…..Johnny

beaded hat band with medicine bird, arrows, stars

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  1. This is a stunning hat band… Loving the Smoky Illusion! This hat band tells a good story of a life journey well traveled.

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