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A Smoky Mystery

Aho my friends. I sincerely hope you are all well and happy. Our ancestors went through hardship and suffering so the least we can do is be happy, since that is all they wanted for us.
Not long ago a friend and associate sent me a photo taken in Yellowstone after our mother split open showing her anger. This photo was of a fire bird. I had another friend tell me the sound was that of a great Thunder bird being released to search for angry spirits. I decided this may be a sign that the mother was a bit upset with those she provides for, and it was time to document the event on a hat band.
For those old timers out there that have issues with directions, Yellowstone is a stones throw away from Jellystone the home of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo.
The hat band has a Thunderbird on the front and to its left is a fire bird as it awakens painting the evening sky bright yellow, orange and red. The great bird circles around the back and turns into the morning fire bird as it turns the morning sky lavender and orange welcoming the sun as it returns to its nest. Usually the fire bird comes out of the Mystery to watch over the night. The Mystery is depicted here as a smoky color of indecision and urgency, so the fire bird is dispatched to fly at the same time as the Thunderbird.
The hat band itself has bold energy links, a strong red road and a curved sun and moon in the dark illusion showing a shortening of time line. The first illusion is in day with the sun high above. The second is night with the moon in the sky. At the end of the red road is the star gate we travel through at the end of our time here. It is there we ride the tip of the arrow and take off for the stars. Thank you for visiting……..Johnny


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