New look for my shop

Aho and hello again my friends. I hope you are all well and happy.
It has been a while since my last post and here is why. I have been beading up a storm but most of all I took the time, along with a lot of help from my friends Grady and Bridget, to put a new face on my Etsy shop. dancingBlackbird has a beautiful logo and a lot more for customers to look at. This is a tease, but I have also added companion bracelets for my hat bands. My spirit is happy and grateful for all this good medicine that has come my way, but still need to update my website but one thing at a time. Thank you for stopping by for a visit…..Johnny

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4 thoughts on “New look for my shop”

  1. Thanks Grady. You deserve lots of credit for new direction of the shop and website

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Johnny! Your shop is looking great! You have a fabulous selection to choose from and I just love that you have added companion bracelets for your hat bands.

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