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Another Happy Change

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and happy. Our ancestors worked hard and suffered for us to be happy, so lets all relax for 5 minutes and smile.

As the title states my website and Etsy store has gone through a bit of a transition since last post. I have always been in a rush and stressed over having enough product in my store. I never seemed to have enough hat bands and bracelets. No matter what, it appeared that 16 – 20 hat bands is all I could keep up with.
Then like a very long and lingering flash of genius (not mine I assure you). Genius for me is a very long and usually a collaborative process and this was another one. My good friend and associate Grady, noticed my stress over having constant low inventory. She suggested that I add a Made To Order section displaying all my previously sold patterns. Of course I tried to find every negative and down side. Several weeks later, after I was tired of resisting, all the sold hat bands were rewritten and reposted as Made to Order. I was sure no one would want to wait 1-2 weeks for a hat band to be woven, but again I was wrong. It has been an 8 month process of changes and I owe a buffalo size portion of gratitude and thanks to Grady for holding firm to her arguments until I could run out of mine. I am still making Ready To Ship hat bands and bracelets but at my own pace. Moral to this story (if there is one). You can teach old dog new tricks, so long as you do not expect him to get up off his cushion to do it.

Now, if you visit my Etsy store and favorite my shop or a hat band you will receive a $10.00 discount coupon (if I set it up right) for you, a friend, family member etc. to use for a purchase. As usual there is always free shipping. This offer is good through the end of the year, Dec. 31st. 2018. Thank you for visiting my blog and remember to smile. ~:)……………………Johnny

beaded hat band with a spider and stars
Made to Order Spider Mother
beaded hat band, thunder bird, fire birds
Made to Order Thunder Bird

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