beaded hat band, medicine turtle

A French Medicine Turtle

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and happy. It seems my happy medicine has been working its way around our mother earth. This happy and content little medicine turtle is on its way to France. Over the last few months my hat bands have found their way to Australia, Great Britain, Canada and Germany. The more they travel, the more their story of peace and happiness spreads. For the most part the hat bands represent a story of time here in the illusion that is highlighted by following a good virtuous path. Those virtues for my people and many others include such qualities as humility, respect, honor, sacrifice, honesty, love, generosity, wisdom and more.
As shown in the photographs, the medicine turtle depicted here is facing and slowly moving along the red portion of its circle. The color of the achievement, wisdom and reward. The illusion has been good for our turtle with a light blue background like the clear sky along with yellow suns, white moons and lots of green. The red road travels through and surrounds the river of life. The energy star is strong lighting the feathers and giving strength to our friend. Our turtle has made it to the older and wiser part of the journey and can now share that wisdom with its children. Thank you for stopping by for a visit……………….Johnny Blackbird  click me to see more ~:)






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