A very slow Medicine Turtle

Aho my friends, my hope for the new year is that you are all well and happy. This is an update on the French Medicine TurtleĀ and what must have been an amazing journey. On November 7th of 2018 the little medicine turtle left the desert of southern Arizona for France. November 10th our medicine turtle departed from Los Angeles International airport heading east to France. By November 26th our little medicine turtle had not arrived causing concern both here and in France. The U.S. post office was contacted and with the help of the French postal service immediately brought all resources to bear on what was now considered to be a lost medicine turtle.
Not sure if you are familiar with how fast a turtle can slip away. I have had them wander into my shop appearing very slow at first. I speak with them for a bit, sometimes pick them up and place them on one of my work benches, decorate them with some happy symbols and medicine colors then place them back on the floor. It seems that you turn your back, string a row or two of beads, look back and the little turtle is gone. I look inside and out, but no medicine turtle. It is as if the turtle was on a serious mission and just stopped in to say aho my friend and poof, it`s off again on its way. That or maybe it just dropped in for some fresh medicine and recharge, then popped back out on its travel through time.

Well, the little turtle was found, sent on its way and arrived at its destination on December 7th. I need to see if its new keeper has had any discussions with the turtle and gotten an indication of where it had wandered. I hope this update eases your concerns over our little turtle and its trip to France. Johnny


Stay tuned for the next update. Same kind person in France purchased a Thunder bird.

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  1. Well it certainly is a relief to hear that the Turtle Hat Band arrived safely in France and how wonderful that he has also purchased a Thunderbird Hat Band. Not surprising though as your Hat Bands are absolutely beautiful!

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