A French Thunderbird

Aho my friends. I hope you are all happy and in balance. You have read about the French medicine Turtle and his long, slow journey but here is a happy story that may have an old lesson for us all.
As a recap, remember that the Turtle took plenty of time to go from Arizona to France. One month almost to the day. Everyone became concerned that out Turtle had become lost or something worse had happened. Now we time travel one month forward. The same person purchased a Thunderbird hat band. Not sure if the Turtle quietly asked for a friend or was showing signs of being lonely after its epic voyage, but the Thunderbird was chosen to live with our Turtle. Maybe because the Thunderbird is loyal, honest, strong and a warrior.
I put a special set of feathers together as a traveling token and sent off the Thunderbird to join its medicine Turtle friend (I guess on a wing and prayer, so to speak). The call from the Turtle must have been strong or the Thunderbird must have been anxious to test its new wings because it arrived in France and joined the medicine Turtle in 7 days. Now they can live happy with good strong spirits in a new home together. I hope they share their new joy with their new friends……Thank you for stopping by……..Johnny


2 thoughts on “A French Thunderbird”

  1. I love stories with happy endings 🙂 So glad the Thunderbird and Turtle get to live out their years together in France 🙂 What a great story. Thanks for sharing!

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