Two Heads Better than One

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and happy.
I`​ve  been thinking lately about a drawing of a 2 headed bird that I saw when I was a boy. It was a strong, beautiful bird with the colors of our medicine making up the body. It had orange claws, spread wings and was topped off with two heads. One head was looking to the west, the other to the east (looking back to our youth and toward our liberation). Painted on a drum head the bird showed a lot of wear. I asked my grandfather about it and was told that the bird was looking into its past to see its future. I didn`t​ understand that for many years but have now incorporated that image into a hat band. I`ve made two so far. A Blackbird that is ascending and an ascending Thunderbird. The hat band has the same illusion and links but different mysteries, the mystery that sent us here and the mystery that calls us back to the stars. The two headed birds represent a chance to see our mistakes and change our future so that when we leave this illusion we have a much better chance to travel the stars and not repeat this life.
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. Johnny



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  1. What a beautiful blog post to read before I head to sleep.and into dream time

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