Medicine Feathers

Aho my friends. I hope you are all well and walking your path with balance.
I have always had a fondness for feathers. Growing up the Turkey was considered sacred along with the Eagles. We had Turkeys but they were not for food. Instead, the Turkeys gave us feathers, beauty and cleaned the earth. In return we cared for them. I have no idea where this tradition came from but our clan honored it. The Eagle was safe, not only because it was a messenger from the creator but also because a great reward was  feathers left behind for us by the river or out in the fields. We traded beautiful feathers like other kids traded baseball cards. We did not know what kind of feather most were but the prettier they were, the more value they had in trade.
I remember the stories of feathers carrying medicine from the bird that gave them to us. I decided to make my own version of medicine feathers adding an animal fetish along with an expression of meaning by using colored floss on the sealed quill end. The quill is trimmed and immediately sealed to prevent the loss of feather spirit and the medicine that makes each feather unique.
My feather bundles can be used for smudge, prayer or ceremony. They are also good medicine for your home and brighten your life in their own small way. All the feathers I use are molted. I hope the Turkey that I acquire left this life in peace and the use of their feathers honors them. I am also making simple medicine feathers with the colors of our medicine along with Navajo ghost beads.
My feather bundles and medicine feathers can be seen on my website.
Thank you my friends. Johnny

Medicine Bundle F120
Medicine bundle with Turtle

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