I learned how to bead hat bands and bracelets when I was young. Then I was guided by my ancestors to make the story bands part of my journey through the illusion which has continued for 70 years now. The story is simple but strong, it is basically the spirits travel from the stars and back to the stars. My medicine flows around my bands in the circle created on the hat. My shop is cleansed with the smoke of sage and pine every morning so my hat bands carry only a sense of peace and happiness with them. My encouragement comes from within and I hope I can make everyone I come in contact with smile. Johnny Blackbird American made, Prairie Band and veteran

Wampum belts served this purpose for my ancestors using beads made of quahog and whelk shell. I prefer to use no. 11 seed beads, nylon cord, a loom and modern adhesives to attach the ends. All my hat bands come with a card explaining the story and a bit about finishing the ends with your choice of decoration. I also believe it is important for the owner of a hat band to participate in its finishing so you can share medicine with the band itself. Here`s a good introduction to the wampum belt

Over the years I have made many custom sizes and adjusted patterns to fit all hat sizes. The leather cord can be finished how ever you like. I provide a wooden slip bead that`s the right size to hold the ends together. I also suggest that velcro be used to secure the band to the hat. With velcro you can carefully remove the band and move it from hat to hat. If you would like a more permanent attachment just stitch it to a felt hat or cement it to straw.

Keep scrolling to see all my hat bands currently available for purchase. They are all made to order so it fits your particular crown size. Spider mother is $145.00 all the rest $135.00 and domestic shipping is always free.


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Johnny Blackbird hat bands. Pick by number and contact me for the story and more pictures of the hat band.
Including sides and bands on various hats
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