Thunderbird in shadow

Hello my friends and aho. Another hat band completed and ready to share its medicine. This hat band combines the thunder bird with its power and strength, with the red road and the spirit journey we are all on. First, the story begins with the star or center of our universe. On the right side… Continue reading Thunderbird in shadow

Thunderbird and medicine

Hello again my friends and aho! I have finished another story hat band. This one is part of what`s becoming a new look or rather an old look revisited. Like all my hat bands it tells a story of strength, journey and following our path no matter what the illusion places in the way. This… Continue reading Thunderbird and medicine

and so it begins….

Searching for Grady

I have never been one to dwell on the past much but lately I have been thinking about that younger me. The young girl who slowly disappeared over a lifelong journey of work, marriage, children and living..  I guess it all started the day I got married and changed my name.  One minute I was standing there as Grady and then with a simple affirmation of  ‘I do’….. I was gone.

A Blackbird whispered in my ear the other day telling me to bring Grady back into my life. To go in search of that young girl who started out so many years ago. The girl with Love, Passion and Adventure shining like stars in her eyes.  This blog is a way of going back and finding that younger me, the fun-loving Free Spirit.  I may be older and somewhat wiser but she still has so much more to give me……

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Spiders and Turtles and Stars

Aho fellow travelers. Years ago I use to bead a spider mother on a bracelet. The spider mother is very important to our culture and deserves to be honored, the same as everything else in our universe. I was inspired to change the design a bit and place her on a hat band as well… Continue reading Spiders and Turtles and Stars

End of a moon. Circle goes on.

Aho my friends. The moon is about to go away and come back again. Everything, it appears, has a beginning an end and a beginning again. We had a short wet winter and have had a long dry spring. Maybe we can have a short cool summer and a long warm autumn. As you know,… Continue reading End of a moon. Circle goes on.

Hats and Bands

Aho my friends. I went out the other day to post office. I don`t go out very much, mostly because of the traffic and the hordes of rushing people everywhere. What I noticed was the lack of hats. I remember when I was young, men wore hats. The baseball cap was just coming into fashion… Continue reading Hats and Bands