Everything tells a story

My newest endeavor is a jump back in time. Many years ago I did some bead weaving on a little loom. Mostly just odd patterns and colors. There are tons of bead weavers out there so another one will make little difference. I remember though, that growing up there were stories related to almost everything.… Continue reading Everything tells a story


The storm has missed but there are still many clouds over us. The chance of rain has me doing more sitting and thinking than attempting any outside activity. I like sitting and thinking anyway. Besides, the humidity is up out of our usual single digits and it is just plain uncomfortable. I was out in… Continue reading Circles

Thinking is for the birds

It is raining again here in the southwest and I always find that a gray day is good for thinking. I noticed while looking out the window that there are not many birds flying today. I enjoy all birds, from the little hummingbird that carries messages and travels in time, to the birds that bring… Continue reading Thinking is for the birds