Featured hat band

Medicine Turtle $90.00 this month.

The medicine turtle carries its medicine on its back.
The area where the head comes out of is the medicine that the
turtles path has taken it. This one is on its path to the stars.
Black is the color of rest and reflection. It represents the
end of life in the illusion and time of rebirth or going back to
spend time with ancestors and our star mother.
When ordering choose white, the time of birth and also the
time of being nurtured and receiving spirit. This is
the future of black, it`s where the black path will take you.
White takes you to yellow, learning and discovery. Yellow leads to red,
the productive path of work and contribution to your tribe
and keeping the earth healthy as a caretaker. The red path opens up
to the black your time of rest and reflection and the completion of your circle.
The next section is a link. Everything in the illusion and the the universe
is linked together. Next section is the dark illusion with sun star above and
moon star below as it rises and falls over the red road and the
river of life. There are 7 stars that represent the time allowed to us
by the star mother. The feathers represent the energy that fuels the
turtle through its journey. Finally in the middle and on each side is the great
mystery and the energy star in the center. Everything comes from the
great mystery and in our time of rest and reflection our star mother will
guide us all there only to explode back into the illusion. You can purchase
this hat band for $90.00 with free shipping for the month of October.
When ordering please include the path you are moving toward and the
circumference of the hat crown (where the band will live) of your hat.
For additional pictures and/or to answer any questions email me at
: blackbird@dancingblackbird.com or text to 520-548-6588