Featured hat band

The turquoise thunder bird in flight is on the front, it is on a brick red background representing the red people it protects. From front to back after the thunderbird are links that tie the thunderbird to its energy and power. The orange, yellow, lavender, dusty rose and dark blue arrows represent life force and energy. The path that is flown has orange sun above and white moon below frame the river of life on the first group and moon above and sun below on the second after the star. The stars (sun on one side and the other is moon) send their medicine out from the dark, picked up by the arrow. When the band is on your hat and the circle completed you will see the medicine wheel form at the back. The red road (arrow shaft) surrounds the river of life just like our own journey.

You can purchase
this hat band for $90.00 with free shipping for the month of October.
When ordering please include the path you are moving toward and the
circumference of the hat crown (where the band will live) of your hat.
For additional pictures follow this link to my Etsy shop or to answer any questions
email me at : blackbird@dancingblackbird.com or text to 520-548-6588