White Medicine Bird HB020

beaded hat band, medicine bird. This is a Made to Order item HB020

This listing is for a Made to Order Native American beaded hat band with a medicine bird. The white spirit bird standing on the front has completed its journey and is rising up on a dark blue background that represents its journey back to the mystery. From front to back, after the spirit bird are turquoise blocks of medicine. The yellow and red accented arrow heads are life force and strength. The stars (sun on one side and moon on the other) send their magic out from the dark star to the feathers where it travels on a red road surrounded by the river of life on a dark blue illusion. There are suns on the top and moons below that are reversed on the second set to provide the medicine and convey the passage of time. As the red road passes through the flower gates, arrow head and medicine onto the white bird that stands tall with honor, dignity and humility. The size of this band is approx. 23 inches long and approx. 7/8 inch wide with suede ends (color may vary due to availability of leather) and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. The leather strips are left long for you to finish and trim.


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