Morning Fire Bird HB039

beaded hat band with fire bird. This is a Make to Order item HB039

This listing is for a Native American beaded hat band with a morning fire bird. The black morning fire bird is rising on a dark red background. Now move to the purple and red energy galaxy that lives in the Great Mystery. The strong energy pours out forming the fire arrows that in turn give us the river of life that flows through the red road. The arrow heads give the energy and medicine to the morning fire bird who gives us the morning fire to the east and the evening fire to the west. When the band is closed at the back a medicine wheel is formed. All the elements on this band are linked together like all things here in the illusion and beyond. This version represents the soft morning light in the east. This is a Make to Order item. The size of this band is approx. 23 1/2 inches long and approx. 1 inch wide with suede ends (color may vary due to availability of leather) and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. The leather strips are left with two copper beads in place for you to just trim, or finish how ever you like.


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