Medicine Turtle HB040

beaded hat band, medicine turtle This is a Made to Order item HB040

This listing is for a Made to Order medicine turtle Native American beaded hat band. The medicine turtle on the front with strong medicine on his shell, is a young turtle on a journey toward the stars. This turtle is going to the east and searching for a path to travel. The turtle is walking into his yellow path, the color of youth and learning. Next block is the red road inside strong fire arrows that contain the sun and the moon (yellow and white). Our turtle is walking a dark red path through a turquoise illusion where his steps will be happy and peaceful. In the center of each side is the Great Mystery with its energy star. The blocks are linked together just like the elements of life. The sun star lives on one side and the moon star on the other. Their energy with that of the mystery keeps turtle moving inside the circle. The size of this band is approx. 23 1/2 inches long and approx. 1 in. wide with suede ends (color may vary due to availability of leather) and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. The leather strips are left long for you to finish and trim. When the band is closed on your hat, medicine forms in the back.


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