Dancing Blackbird HB051

beaded hat band, dancing blackbird hand made hat band HB051

This listing is for a beaded hat band, dancing blackbird hand woven hat band. The dancing blackbird on the front has completed his journey can dance as he reaches to the stars and stays in balance until his journey is finally complete. Next block is the fire arrow with its energy charged arrow head. The red road is the path of dignity, honor, honesty and kindness. The road has suns above and moon below on the black representing the Mystery. The next arrow has the moon above and the sun below to show how time passes. The blocks are linked together just like the elements of life. In the middle is the Mystery with the energy star in the center sending its energy to the dancing bird and the medicine that completes the circle. There is medicine at the back the becomes evident when the ends are pulled together. This hat band is approx. 23 1/2 in. long and 3/4 in. wide with suede ends and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. If you`d like a band like this but in a different length I will make one like it for you. The leather strips are left long for you to finish and trim.


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