Spider Mother HB052

beaded hat band, spider mother hat band. Made to Order HB052

The listing here is for a Native American beaded hat band with a spider mother. The spider mother on the front is on a journey to shroud the illusion in her web. Her many children help her complete her mission. The mother carries her medicine with her. Next block is the red road inside strong fiery arrows that contain orange, yellow and red energy with sky above and water below. The blocks are linked together just like the elements of life. The mystery on the sides is smoky and contains the red energy star that gives spirit to all things. There is medicine at the back the becomes evident when the ends are pulled together. Spiders spin their webs to capture tricksters and our worst dreams. If you disturb a web then you will take those tricksters and dreams along with you on your path. The size of this band is approx. 23 1/2 inches long and approx. 1 in. wide with suede ends and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. The leather strips are left long for you to finish and trim.


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