Two Headed Thunder Bird HB058

beaded hat band, 2 headed thunder bird. This is a Made to Order item HB058

This listing is for a Made to Order, spirit bird Native American beaded hat band. The ascending 2 headed Thunderbird bird on the front, is rising on a turquoise background (peace, tranquility and good fortune). This double headed bird is facing both the future (purple centered flower) and the past (the garnet centered flower). Next to the bird are links full of confident and peaceful energy coming to the spirit and strong medicine leaving the spirit heading back along its path. The Thunderbird has traveled his path with loyalty, dignity, balance, compassion and honor with the heart of a warrior. That`s shown here by the lavender and dusty rose on its wings. From front to back. After the spirit bird, comes links that keep the birds medicine tied to the strong but peaceful, brick red illusion. The fire arrows are delivering star energy to the red road split by the river of life. The red road has sun above and moon below and that reverses on the second set just like our days and represent the 70 years of a good life. The purple, yellow and red accented feathers are energy, strength, dedication and wisdom. The stars in the center of the Mystery send their magic out from the dark along the arrows and give spirit all things. The stars are different on each side representing the fading star of the past and the bright star of the future. The bird is time traveling within itself to understand who it is, correct its path and see a brighter future. There is medicine flowers at the back that forms a wheel when back is closed. The size of this band is approx. 23 1/2 inches long and approx. 1 in. wide with suede ends (color may vary due to availability of leather) and leather strips for closure with a wooden bead. The leather strips are left long for you to finish and trim.


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