Medicine Feathers

Medicine Feathers Bring Good Medicine With Them
for You and Your Home

Feathers like hair carry the medicine and story of the individual it came from and must be respected. I use Turkey, Goose, Macau, Chicken, Guinea, Parrot, Tauraco, Hornbill, Peacock, Conure, Cockatiel and Pheasant in my bundles and they will be noted as to what`s included in each one. Most of the feathers are molted but I can`t attest to the Turkey and Goose. 
When I trim a quill, the end is immediately sealed to prevent the loss of its` medicine and story. The feathers live in an environment of happiness, peace, kindness and respect while being blessed daily with Cedar, Sage, Sweet grass and Juniper smoke. 
Feather Bundles can be used as smudge feathers, prayer feathers or a lovely decoration to brighten your life.

All of my Feather Bundles are currently $22.00 and free domestic shipping.

Blue / yellow
RESERVED Blue floss for loyalty and yellow floss for strength F101
Green / yellow Dragonfly
Green floss for balance and yellow floss for strength with a dragonfly F103
Green floss for balance and yellow floss for wisdom with a buffalo F102
Red / green
Red floss for courage and green floss for balance with an eagle F104
RESERVED river of life split by the red road or Blue floss loyalty red for courage F105
Medicine feather F106
RESERVED red floss for courage and blue floss for loyalty F106
Medicine feather F107
Orange floss for love yellow for wisdom F107
Medicine feather F110
RESERVED Yellow floss for wisdom and purple floss for passion F110
Orange floss love and white for a new beginning with a turtle F108
RESERVED black floss ending and off white new life in the illusion F109
Red floss courage with purple floss for passion F111
Medicine feather F112
White floss new beginning dark yellow represents strength F112
White floss for new beginning black floss for ending and orange in the middle for love F113
Yellow floss wisdom green for balance and red floss for courage with an eagle F114
RESERVED orange floss for love with green for balance F115
RESERVED Off white floss represents life in the illusion and purple floss passion F116