Recent Reviews

“What a beautiful hatband. Everything about working with Johnny was enlightening and joyful. He explained his work and process and kept me updated. I can tell the band was created with care and alignment with the meaning of the symbols. Thank you, Johnny, for your art and medicine.”
“I would give more stars if I could. Beautiful artistry and so meaningful. Carefully crafted with much respect for this artist and friend. A true work of art and good medicine. Aho”
“I love this hat band, it is more than a decoration. It tells a story of my life. Every bead woven with love. Filled with a great medicine Thank you so much you are very Talented my friend. Would recommend, a sincere and good seller. Dispatched on time”
“This is so beautiful! Somehow even more beautiful than in the photo! My experience purchasing this was great–Johnny kept me well-updated about my place in the queue, and he packaged it carefully for shipping. The band looks so great on my hat.”
“Wow! This hat band is truly so beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Johnny is such an artist and was so kind and lovely to work with!
I will be wearing this all the time and thinking of the magic involved in creating it. Thank you, Johnny!!”
“Beautifully crafted hatband. I love the thought and meaning Johnny imbues into his work. Excellent communication. My 3rd hatband!”
“I’m a repeat customer and it’s because Johnny’s work is so beautiful, thoughtful and unique. The workmanship is outstanding. Thanks again!”
“Beautifully crafted from this lovely seller. It’s full of warmth and spirit and I can’t wait to wear it on my new hat. I’m very pleased with this purchase. And thanks for the feather! It will accompany the hat! Peace to you.”
“Beautiful hat band for a special old hat. You can see in the pictures I finally managed to post just what these hatbands did for my hats. They brought them to life. I think the hatband and the hat are speaking to one another, because a great hatband needs a great hat, and a great hat needs a great hatband. These are the best made and designed hat bands out there.
Thank You Johnny!”
“Beautiful hat band for a special new hat — I really love this one. These are the best made and best designed hat bands out there.
Thank You Johnny!”
“This is my third hatband from Johnny Blackbird !
All are amazing quality and all represent different aspects of my journey in this life.
He is great to work with and will customize your hatband to represent who you are your strengths and personality. This one reflects on my past present and future !
I get compliments all the time ! “
“Beautiful hatband !
Great craftsmanship and communication with the artist.
I highly recommend any of his hatbands to anyone looking for an true American Indian band for their hat.”
“Johnny’s hatbands are the best, beautiful design and craftsmanship with the best materials. Johnny makes them one at a time using the measurements from your hat and he keeps you up to date as he crafts them. Take your time when you browse his designs, as Johnny told me, one of them will speak to you. Oh, I’m ordering another today.”