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beaded hat band, stars, dancing blackbird, medicine

Welcome my friends and aho. I have a new hat band to show you all but I think that can wait. I was talking with my sister today about the strange way of the illusion. As far back as history was recorded and the stories that go back much farther, there has never been a time when humans were happy to live in a state of being. It seems like people always want what someone else has. The only thing they do not appear to want is to enjoy someones happiness. My grandfather would say that we enter the illusion, take a family and a body that best suits our plan for that lifetime. My grandmother on the other hand, would say we come here as spirit, awaken baby and when that baby smiles we will be ready to begin our journey. What does this have to do with puzzles? When I was a boy, we had stacks of puzzles. My mother said those puzzles were the easiest way to see the beauty that the grandmother has to share with us. But now that I have had a long life and time to think, I see the illusion as a swirling, upside down assortment of puzzle pieces. It is a very big task to put together your personal puzzle over a life time without knowing what you are looking for. Our journey is simple but the illusion makes it very complicated with false lessons as well as littering our path with deception. As a society we are quickly forgetting who we are and why we come here. I think we all know why we are here and it has nothing to do with our own pleasure or even ourself. Find your medicine and nurture it my friends.

Here is a tease, I will be back with my newest hat band soon
beaded hat band, medicine, stars, dancing black bird

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Spider on your hat

Greetings my friends and aho. In my last post featuring a Turtle hat band, mention was made about putting a spider mother on a hat band carrying her medicine. Back in July 2017 she was placed on a band and sold right away. As you all know, time slips away here in the illusion and your humble beader of hat bands is not the best at noticing its passing. (Place a series of laughing emoji here.) That was over 7 months ago and finally our spider mother has once again found
her way to another band.
In my culture the spider woman, or mother as I was raised to refer to her, is regarded very highly in almost a god like manner. My grandmother told a story where the spider mother had untold numbers of babies once and they ate her in sacrifice, absorbed her medicine and then wove the webs that held the illusion together. If you were to step on or other wise release the spider spirit it turned into a trickster and would prank you the rest of your time here. We also believed her message was one of sacrifice for your clan and protector in dreamland.
Now my promise from the last post has been fulfilled. Its okay for me to show you my spider mother on your hat. Thank you for your kindness. Blackbird
This hat band is 3/4″ wide and 21 1/2″ long
The colors are strong like the mother and full of energy. Her medicine spreads around the band and is repeated at the back. The links are to remind us that everything is tied together in our great circle. The star places us on the red road along with the Spider mother.

Spider mother hat band
Star on the side with red road, links and medicine
Spider mother hat band
On a white hat. Notice the orange and turquoise beads lining the red road. They represent a happy fulfilled journey with sun above and earth below.

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Not sure I like this

There are many thing that I`m not sure I like. First thing is noise. I have come to the conclusion finally that we are a noisy species. Growing up we were taught to be invisible. Do not draw attention to yourself and you will make it to be an elder. So, I am now an elder and have moments of reflection. The point is, if I have one, what`s with the noise? Mostly I guess it is loud vehicles that rattle windows, lawn care equipment and adults shouting over their children`s screaming. There seem to be a constant low rumble, even at night. It use to be that if your muffler went bad it was embarrassing until you replaced it. Now it is something to try and imitate on a perfectly good automobile or motorcycle.

Rant over for now but I do have something else not sure I like. I made this bracelet using a metal cuff for the base. It is lined with fake suede because it is easy to work with. The bead strip is hand woven and added with a layer of very strong adhesive. I put these together over a year ago and they are still stuck good. Under normal wear they should last for years and years. What I don`t like is the feel on my wrist. most wrists are not round. these are round and hard. They do have some ability to be adjusted but larger or smaller I find them uncomfortable. If you have an opinion let me know.

The pattern of the beads is 2 blue birds flying toward the sun. The colors are moon, sun, sky, earth, water and turquoise so they have a good safe flight. They draw their strength from the father sun, our grandmother earth and little brother moon.

Bluebirds and sun
Bluebirds drawing strength from the sun, moon and grandmother earth
Bluebirds and sun
Bluebirds drawing strength from the sun, moon and all the elements of the grandmother earth.