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Mystery, front and center

Hello my friends and aho! This beaded hat band is a departure from my recent story bands. Lately Ive been fixated on spirit, medicine and thunder birds on the front. The great Mystery and the energy have been on the sides with the magic and medicine radiating to the bird and to the back where the medicine completes the circle. This time the Mystery is right out front connecting to the fire arrows, carrying the energy down the red road arrow shaft to the arrow head and on to the thunder bird. The lavender beads below and the orange beads above the red energy, represents spirit. The spirit on this hat band has decided to enter as a split spirit, separate masculine and feminine. They enter the illusion and travel separate paths finally coming back together in the end to share their stories. They join together completing their own circle at the arrow head and taken as one spirit out of the illusion and back to the Mystery where they go on to the stars or travel back to the illusion once again. The thunder birds draw medicine along a second set of arrows coming from the completed circle. The ends of the beaded hat bands should always stay together so they dont lose the medicine they come with.
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Hats and Bands

Aho my friends. I went out the other day to post office. I don`t go out very much, mostly because of the traffic and the hordes of rushing people everywhere. What I noticed was the lack of hats. I remember when I was young, men wore hats. The baseball cap was just coming into fashion and that was before they were adjustable in the back. What I don`t see is cowboy hats or any incarnation of them. Oh, if you go to rodeo or country western bar you will see some, but generally they are rare. I don`t go to rodeo or country western bars for reasons previously stated like hordes of people and noise, but I do wear cowboy hats. Growing up I always had some sort of little cowboy hat with a few feathers added for interest and meaning. I know the Sioux and many Indians in Oklahoma love their cowboy hats and I have seen some in Texas but in most places I have been they are scarce. The baseball caps all seem to have corporate logos on the front of some kind (free advertising) but the cowboy hat lends itself well to personalization with feathers, beads or other pins that have personal meaning. All of my hat bands tell a story, which is what our time here is really all about.  My latest hat band tells of the journey from sun and moon giving us rain, the turtle crawling with its medicine shell and finally the bird letting its spirit rise and travel back to the beginning where its medicine is waiting to re-energize. The colors are the colors of life, our medicine and the great mystery. No mater what kind of hat you wear, go out and personalize it with your story or a story you learned and want to carry with you.

beaded hat band
The story is a metaphor of life`s journey
hat band with turtle and birds
Story of our journey