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Spiders and Turtles and Stars

Aho fellow travelers. Years ago I use to bead a spider mother on a bracelet. The spider mother is very important to our culture and deserves to be honored, the same as everything else in our universe. I was inspired to change the design a bit and place her on a hat band as well as a bracelet.

Next time I will tell you about what the spider mother means to us. I have to finish another hat band that has our spider mother right on the front wearing her medicine colors.

Spider mother bracelet
spider band white
Spider incorporated into a new hat band
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End of a moon. Circle goes on.

Indian flag

Aho my friends. The moon is about to go away and come back again. Everything, it appears, has a beginning an end and a beginning again. We had a short wet winter and have had a long dry spring. Maybe we can have a short cool summer and a long warm autumn. As you know, I tend to sit and think a lot. The older I get the more thinking I do along with the sitting part. To keep my mind going and on a straight path I think a lot while I bead. In my bead work the circle theme comes around over and over, plus the idea that everything is linked. Nothing stands alone. I think often of how are ancestors are going to react once we are sitting with them and they ask how it is we lost turtle island, and let it get into such a broken state of confusion. On a brighter note though. We have survived and await their return.

On that happy note, let`s welcome in the new moon with a happy song. If you are not smiling after hearing and seeing this, please let me know how you have arrived at such a place in your heart.

If you know Jim Pepper, this is a good remix.

resting birds hat band
replacement for band just sold. Resting birds on their journey.
resting birds hat band
Birds, turtle/water, rain, sun and his little brother the moon.
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Hats and Bands

Aho my friends. I went out the other day to post office. I don`t go out very much, mostly because of the traffic and the hordes of rushing people everywhere. What I noticed was the lack of hats. I remember when I was young, men wore hats. The baseball cap was just coming into fashion and that was before they were adjustable in the back. What I don`t see is cowboy hats or any incarnation of them. Oh, if you go to rodeo or country western bar you will see some, but generally they are rare. I don`t go to rodeo or country western bars for reasons previously stated like hordes of people and noise, but I do wear cowboy hats. Growing up I always had some sort of little cowboy hat with a few feathers added for interest and meaning. I know the Sioux and many Indians in Oklahoma love their cowboy hats and I have seen some in Texas but in most places I have been they are scarce. The baseball caps all seem to have corporate logos on the front of some kind (free advertising) but the cowboy hat lends itself well to personalization with feathers, beads or other pins that have personal meaning. All of my hat bands tell a story, which is what our time here is really all about.  My latest hat band tells of the journey from sun and moon giving us rain, the turtle crawling with its medicine shell and finally the bird letting its spirit rise and travel back to the beginning where its medicine is waiting to re-energize. The colors are the colors of life, our medicine and the great mystery. No mater what kind of hat you wear, go out and personalize it with your story or a story you learned and want to carry with you.

beaded hat band
The story is a metaphor of life`s journey
hat band with turtle and birds
Story of our journey
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Everything tells a story

My newest endeavor is a jump back in time. Many years ago I did some bead weaving on a little loom. Mostly just odd patterns and colors. There are tons of bead weavers out there so another one will make little difference. I remember though, that growing up there were stories related to almost everything. From why the clouds are there to why the sun shines, why the prairie dog lives next to the prairie chiggin, why birds and butterflies actually fly, it`s endless. I decided to make a hat band for my hat and then one thing lead to another and now each piece has special meaning.

This hat band has a blackbird on the front, wings spread on a sky blue background. The reds and yellows that encase him are for strength and the power of the sun. With these elements the blackbird can rise and travel to the limits of the blue sky. The arrow patterns feed his energy and the little flower patterns hold and maintain his medicine in a field of turquoise. The back arrow leads to a new beginning and rebirth after his days of flight and his circle is complete.

blackbird hat band
arrows with the colors of sun, moon, earth and water
hat band blackbird
blackbird hat band with bead closure
hat band blackbird
22 inches long and 1 inch wide.