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Playing with fire

Aho my friends. A while back I showed you a picture of ornaments that were blank and not raku fired yet. I finally fired 187 of them and they are now ready to ship. These are for the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ. If you`re in the area, stop in and see this marvel of vision and construction. These little ornaments are fashioned after little broken pieces of pottery, hence the name shard ornaments. The images are a couple of different crosses and the Chapel front as seen from the road leading up to it. It is built into the natural rock formation. The whole story can be seen on line at I use to put ribbon on them but my wife found this hemp cord for hanging them. I think it is a better choice since they look more natural and part of the environment.

Here is a reminder along with the finished box of ornaments. Both of these pictures were taken with my cell phone. That`s another whole story. I rarely use my phone as a phone anymore. Text, take pictures, tells you where your going (at my age that`s a real plus). Actually a 10 year old put the GPS thing on my phone after a pow wow. They followed me around and around driving to pow wow and decided I needed it. What took the longest was transferring the pictures from my phone to my computer so they could eventually live here. Go to  and you can see the pottery that I fired for my wife to fill an order for Red Canyon Collections, also in Sedona. No matter where you are, just remember everything is related and everything travels in a circle.

raku fired ornaments
Completed shard ornaments
clay ornaments
sanded ornaments waiting for glaze and finishing


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Almost 6 months

How are you all doing? Maybe I should have all of you tell me what you have been doing since new years. Since I live in a time vacuum and you all have a 4 second attention span (according to someones statistics), I have already written too much. In same study they claim the Goldfeesh has a 9 second attention span. So get yourself a Goldfeesh, put it in a bowl and stare at it as long as it stares back at you. Easy way to increase your attention span. Simple solution, or as I have heard said, elegant!

Since our last meeting, I have been raku firing, dreaming and selling what I have made. Also since last meeting it has gone from snow to 100 degrees as of yesterday. The animals are doing fine so all is well. I would add a few pictures at this point but I have not been doing that either. We did have another Hummingbird nest that hatched out 2 little birds. Took some pictures of them but they are on phone and I am currently on the computer so that does not work out too good.

Here is something you may enjoy. These Eagle whistle dances were not to be recorded in the past, but I guess things have changed.

Do not forget to thank our ancestors for what we have and visit

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Happy New Year!

The snow is all gone. Snow is a real event here is Southern Arizona and does not last very long.  I do remember all about snow though. Being raised in the mid-west or at least the western mid-west the snow we get out (down) here is a pleasure and more welcome for its` beauty and a gentle reminder that we do have a winter. I have the propane heater hooked up out back, so it is about time to head to the shop and start on some new medicine wheels for new travelers. This morning we were definitely living in the white at least for a little while. Happy New Year my friends.

spirit mask with feathers
raku fired spirit mask
snow around fountain
Fountain and a snowy back drop
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Something I just thought of

I just remembered that I haven`t been here in a while. I think maybe I ran out of words or got involved with my raku, fetish medicine or just spirit masks. I have some finished now and have some time again. I thought that you might want to see a few of them. Lots of feathers of many kinds, beads (medicine wheels and medallions). They still just hang on the wall and keep you good company. I will tell you the story as we go along through the winter, if it ever gets here, plus give some details of what everything means. If you want to read about them go to


All feathers are legal. Raptor feathers are hand painted by me and others are collected or found.

This mask contains replica Eagle, Red Tail hawk and real Turkey, dove, Guinea hen and hackles. It is further enhanced with turquoise and other stones. If you like it let me know. If you want to know more about the purpose just ask.

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Living in the smoke

I`m not sure if this post falls into the category of indulgences or introductions. I`m Blackbird Ramsay a true believer in fire and smoke. I do raku and only raku. As a matter of fact I do one particular kind of art. I actually do only one form. I make the spirit traveler. I have some older models left from previous incarnations but have started the process of making a whole new tribe. I`m going to try and document the process here, since the last two tribes have been lost in time and I tend to forget what went into making them real. I`ll leave you with a glimpse at a traveler.

raku fired traveler mask
an old friend